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pycrc v0.9 released06 January 2016

Version 0.9 of pycrc is a feature release. This version adds the experimental --slice-by option which can improve the calculation speed of the table-driven algorithm significantly..

Using Let's Encrypt in manual mode07 November 2015

This short guide is for people who want to have their web site certified by Let's Encrypt but can't or don't want to use the fully automated method of the letsencrypt tool. This text describes how to generate a private key and a certificate signing request for multiple domains, and finally how to use the letsencrypt command to submit the CSR. None of the described steps (apart from installing the private key and the certificate) require superuser privileges and they can be carried out on a separate machine. Note: See also the newer article about auto-renewal of Let's Encrypt certificates with acme_tiny.   More...

pycrc v0.8.3 released31 August 2015

Version 0.8.3 of pycrc is a minor bugfix release. This version adds some performance optimisations in the table-driven code and improves the compatibility with C++ in the function signature of the crc_update() function. The experimental --bitwise-expression option was removed to improve future restructuring of the code. The pycrc project now has its own home:

SpamAssassin with MySQL06 December 2014

The mail server for this domain has been using SpamAssassin for quite some time using a file-based back-end for dynamic data. However I ended up with a corrupted Bayes database on a regular basis. So I decided to configure SpamAssassin to store the user configuration and all volatile data like the auto-whitelist and Bayes database in MySQL. This post briefly describes my setup.   More...

pycrc v0.8.2 released04 December 2014

Version 0.8.2 of pycrc is a bugfix release. It contains some fixes accumulated over the past year. Especially users which are using polynomials with a width less than 8 or greater than 32 might want to have a look at this release as it fixes some problems with the generated code.

DKIM with Postfix on Debian wheezy01 December 2014

Recently I have configured my mail server to use DomainKeys Identified Mail for all outgoing mail. This short article contains my notes how to set up DKIM with Postfix on Debian wheezy.   More...

Corrupted MAC on input during ssh file transfer in Debian Linux25 October 2014

Recently a lot of backups with obnam to my Qnap NAS terminated with the error message Corrupted MAC on input. Some web search revealed that this is caused by a bug with hardware TCP offloading in the network interface controller driver in the Linux kernel. It's relatively easy to find how to suppress this error by disabling TCP offloading with the ethtool tool, but this setting is active only until the next reboot. The text describes how to permanently disable TCP offloading in Debian Linux.   More...

A method for using project-specific settings in Vim18 September 2014

It is sometimes necessary to keep different settings for the editor of choice (Vim in my case) depending on the project. The article describes a way to achieve this by creating a command that enables the necessary options in Vim.   More...

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