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pycrc is a parametrisable Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) calculator and C source code generator written in Python.
woale is a small and fast CGI wiki engine written in C++.
quine-mccluskey is a Python implementation of the Quine McCluskey algorithm.
userial is an Open Source hardware/software project to build a USB to I²C bridge.

More code is hosted on my GitHub page.

Embedded programming

The page about Optimisations of AVR programs using avr-gcc explains how to get smaller code on an AVR 8 bit microprocessor, using avr-gcc or WinAVR.

Not really code, but close enough: my attempt of a C Coding Guideline.

Shell programming

The German Einführung in sed (a German introduction to sed, the stream editor) is now quite mature and also well visited. English speakers might find the shell tips useful as well as the sed intro. These pages are supplemented by some notes about Regular Expressions.

Server (Postfix, sieve, iptables)

My attempts to fight spam are documented in the post about DKIM with Postfix on Debian wheezy and SpamAssassin with MySQL. The article iptables firewall shows how to deal with ssh port knocking. There is also a newer firewall script with IPv6 support. The Sieve tutorial, the server-side mail filtering language, is interesting for people who like to access their mails over IMAP using different mail clients.

I have written a few short texts on Subversion Backup, Tuning Subversion over HTTP, renaming the author in a SVN log and a git svn cheat sheet partly because I needed those information repeatedly and partly because some of the information was hard to find.

Wie man Fragen richtig stellt (How To Ask Questions)

I maintain the official German translation of the English article on How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

Blog and links

The blog is a list of articles I wrote mostly out of boredom. I have collected a few links to pages I find very useful or just cool.